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Review Awake. Suddenly there is a story to sleep.
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After the meteorite fell to Earth, causing a power failure. as well as a failed communication system. not only that Humans begin to discover that they cannot sleep. The film focuses on the family of Jill (Gina Rodriguez), a former Marine. to find out that her daughter Matilda (Ariana Greenbast) is sleeping normally. when the situation around him began to deteriorate People in society start rioting, plundering, stockpiling food until Jill discovers that there is a US government research center working on a cure and that her daughter might be the answer to a major discovery, even if the movie casts skepticism. The distrust of people from the government to make Awake's script look a lot of issues. But the way the story is run is rather flat and boring because no matter how hard the characters struggle to survive in the midst of a critical situation. But these scenes are all passed through the eyes of the audience who have seen the movie Doomsday. This made what the movie was trying to tell less exciting. In addition, the characters in the story can be categorized as being somewhat annoying rather than encouraging. And although the actress Gina Rodriguez will try to carry the entire movie on top of her performance. It can't be taken as a whole.

Considering the overall composition, Awake is a low budget movie. trying to sell a plot type of questioning what if the world man can't sleep which is an interesting question But the film does not focus on scientific facts. Instead, focus on their own survival through road situations. Similar to the way the story is told in Road Movie style (Road Movie), the protagonist travels continuously. meet different people learned society until changes occur and eventually develop yourself The character that viewers have seen the most growth is inevitably daughter Matilda.

Unfortunately, when the movie enters its climax. The suede did not look unraveled. Or there are scenes that satisfy the curiosity of the audience as they should. It's true that the film may be limited in terms of production budget. But at least the presentation of excitement doesn't always have to be accompanied by the exploding hut scene. If Awake chooses to crush the choice between "You have to wake up to wait for death" and "die to escape suffering" to be sharper and clearer. We don't have to wait to see when the movie credits will go up so that we can search for other movies on Netflix to watch...

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